Tuesday, February 21, 2012

A Fresh Start to a New Semester

From February 13th-15th, the Communities In Schools onsite coordinators at Sehome High held an Organization Fair in the school cafeteria.  Many students in our program stopped by after school and during Anchor Class, which is an open period where students focus on their individual needs, to pick up new school supplies to prepare and get organized for the second semester.
Organizing supplies makes it easier for students to keep track of their assignments and helps them excel in their classes.  The mentors joined their students to help organize their backpacks, throw out old assignments, and pick out new supplies to use for their second semester classes.  Many students even found missing assignments that they were still able to turn in for credit. 
By the end of the three days, two big recycling bins full of old assignments were collected from cleaning out their backpacks.  The students left feeling refreshed from having a lighter backpack on their shoulders and felt better prepared to take on the new semester.

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