Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Mentoring Update

The mentoring program has been going strong for its second year with more than twice the number of students involved! In addition to the Community Volunteer Mentoring program last year, we’ve added another component to our program; peer mentoring! A handful of Seniors and Juniors have volunteered their time afterschool to help out some of the Freshman students with homework and studying. Many of the students mentoring relationships have developed into friendships which in turn has bridged some gaps between the upper and lower classman at Sehome High School giving everyone a greater sense of community and school spirit. One of the goals of the mentoring program is to ease the transition process into high school. We are happy to see that through these built relationships and bridged gaps, the hardships involved in the transition process are reduced.

Mentoring is just one of a number of ways members of the community can be involved in the future of young people and the community, as well as changing a young life for the better. Often times, all it takes is one hour a week to make an impact on a student's life. 

Here at Communities in Schools, we want to share the student’s achievements with you. This marks the start of ‘Student’s Story of the Week’, where we will be posting a new story each week about the success of students through the mentoring program, and the outstanding impact a mentor can have on a student’s life. You can check out these stories weekly on our website!

For more information on how to be a part of the solution, click here or e-mail us @ volunteer@ciswhatcom.org 

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